Stay on track without ever having to look away from your MetaTrader 4 charts!

The all-in-one solution for tracking the market - Notes ~ Watch List ~ Trade Journal ~ Strategy Planning ~ Reminders - all in one place.

Become a better trader

TradeNote makes it easier for you to stay on top of the market.
Stop missing trades.
Stop forgetting why you took a trade.
Document your trade plan.

Take Notes Directly From Your Charts

Quickly add a note or reminder the second you see that pattern developing. Why switch back n' forth with another program or use old school pen and paper when there is an easier solution?

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Automatically Records Chart Data

The chart symbol and timeframe are automatically linked to your note or reminder. Additionally, a note will automatically record the timestamp so you can quickly recall if a note is a fresh lead.

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Sort, Filter, and Search Trade Notes

Sort subject, note, symbol/timeframe, date/time by ascending or descending. Apply filters to drill down your notes by symbol or by symbol & timeframe. If that's not enough, you can search your notes!

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Versatile – It’s More Than A Notepad

Use the subject like a "tag" or "category" to use TradeNote for a Watch List, Trade Journal, and so on. Organize notes into groups like Developing Signals and Patterns, or by your different strategies. Note your targets and exit plans for open orders.

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Set Reminders

Don't miss out on a good trade because your dog ate that sticky note reminder of yours! TradeNote allows you to set reminder alerts.

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Minimal Intrusion On Your Charts

We know you don't want a large notepad where you're trying to analyze, which is why we designed TradeNote with 3 UI states - Hidden, Shown, Expanded. Hot keys allow you to quickly change state. Drag it anywhere on your chart.

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Ready to try TradeNote?

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EZ 1-Minute, Single Installation

For most users, TradeNote should only take about 1 minute to install and is ready for action immediately. No fussing around with indicators, scripts/EAs, or data folders. Just follow the prompts ...

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Unicode Support

TradeNote supports Unicode characters so you can write in your native language even if it contains characters not found in the ISO Basic Latin alphabet. Notes and reminders can be written in several languages, such as Japanese, Russian, Danish, German, and many more.

Automatic Updates & Premium Support

FREE upgrades forever! FREE support forever! You don't even have to download updates. TradeNote will automatically check for updates and update itself (if you allow it to).

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Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

If you decide to purchase TradeNote, rest easy knowing that you are covered by our 100% no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.